Interview with Nikhil Chandwani

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Indian Literature is witnessing a change and we can see lot of young writers coming up with innovative ideas. Even publishers are encouraging them by giving them opportunities to make it to big league along with some of the established names.

Nikhil Chandwani is one of the guys with whom young readers can relate to. An alumni of VIT, one of best private college of India believes in living life to full. He is with us presenting his debut novel –

 I Wrote Your Name in the Sky And yours And Yours Too

This book is about a flirt. It’s a dairy of a flirt. A flirt who was an introvert. A flirt who didn’t knew what flirting means. A flirt who started with a broken heart and broke many hearts. Check out this awe-inspiring teenage journey. Check out why cheats exist. Check out why people break hearts. It’s full of confusion, lust, romance and love in the universe of teenagers

Love stories has become a favorite topic among the first time writers. What different are you going to offer to your readers?

My story is not at all a love story! It’s way different from it! It’s a comedy humorous story about a horny teen narrating his past.Many writers are writing love stories! Yes because personal experience is the easiest thing to pen down..Even I penned down a personal story..But not an ideal love story but a practical story of a flirt.

You yourself is a very young guy just 18. Your views about Teenage Love and Psychology of a Flirt??

Teen love?? okay
Physical attraction and emotional dependence.. Both has its positives and negatives!

Psychology?? He lives for moments..he creates moments of lust romance and emotions!

 How and when did you get started as a writer?

There are big writers who writes about there engineering life! But every engineer’s life has a past! I have penned down a past of a typical engineering flirt.

I wrote poems for magazines, newspapers and various online websites. I started to write when I was 10!

 Did you ever get any rejections?

Rejections? I never had high hopes when I wrote. I became a writer because I was passionate about it! Regarding the publisher, I used much of my poetic lines and combined it with interlinked short stories of a teen followed by lessons for introverts and poetry!

I knew this concept was one of a kind and new….

 How you hit upon the title of the book?

It was spontaneous! I thought of using a title “a diary of a flirt” but used this huge one officially

Well as your novel has just been released last week what Kind of response are you getting?

It’s really great! Getting positive reviews and the best response includes respect from everyone around me!

How did mentors influence your life? Any special person whose work you look upon?

Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s work and always supportive parents influenced me

 What’s one core message you received from your mentors?

Blessing from Dr. shashi Tharoor over an email and lessons of how to keep legs on the ground while u touch the sky from parents 

 How long did it take you to write it? Wasn’t it difficult to write a novel along with studies?

Took 3 months to write! Skipped touching alcohol and checking out girls for a while…so had a lot of time left to write

 What advice can you give budding young writers?

Dream big! Sky is not the limit! People have walked on mars and Moon too! If they could then why not you? Gear up and fulfil your dreams!

Can you sum up your book in 4 words?

Erection is never satisfied! 


2 comments on “Interview with Nikhil Chandwani

  1. Lovely Singh says:

    Pulkit ………… waiting for ur story …… and must say u luk like a professional interviewer ……… Gud luck !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thx alot Lovely. This was the first interview of my life and your comments and suggestions means a lot to me…

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