Moonlit Matinee and love takes over…


It’s almost been 1.5 years that I have posted anything on my blog. The last time I posted here, I was an avid reader and now I am an author of 4 books including an anthology. This post is really special as I will post all the relevant details about my book, “Moonlit Matinee and love takes over” here.

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Book Reviews:-

Priyanka Batra Harzai (4.5 Stars)-

Dipti Pathare (4.5 Stars)-

Himani Gupta (4 Stars)-

Ammu Nair (3.5 Stars)-

Sandeep Sharma (3.5 Stars)-

Sharanya (3.5 Stars)-

Timid Fingers– Purnendu-  (3.5 Stars)-

Suyash Karangutkar (3.5 Stars)-

Aman Jakhar – Readinpark (3.5 Stars) –

Abhishek Sharma (3.5 Stars)-

Meghant Parmar (3 Stars) –

Shalini Katyal– Pulkit I read yur story “Ehsaas” in moonlit matinee, liked the story !! 🙂 n please pass my msg to Rachna that I liked her “lyrics of Lavish Rain” 🙂

Riyanka Paul–  Just read ’emptiness’ 4m moonlit matinee..nice..
The way you described some places about manali i really liked cause i had a visit there abt 7 yrs bck n as far i remember it’s indeed an awesome place.i would lyk to go thr again in future..n yah ur story is just too good specially the proves that kavi kavi dil ki bat v sun leni chahye kyuki dil kavi galat nh ho sakta..mast hai.
‘milna bicharna kisike hat me nh hota hai..par sache dil se mango to aisa k6 nh hai jo khusiyo ko 2mhare kadam chum ne se roke..’

Vijay Agarwal-

‘The Gifts’, by Ishita Bhown ‘, compiled in Moonlit Matinee – byPulkit Gupta, edited by Harshita Shrivastava. The beauty of this amazing story is there, when a reader himself/herself can’t become totally agree with the certain ideology – the author is trying to prophet, though, he/she gradually gets influenced – convinced, and finally falls in love with the story! Resisting myself to write much about the story, as I want readers to read and feel the story, the way I did.
Ishita, My best wishes to you, not only for your literary journey, but also for the noble tasks of humanity, you are spreading by means of your wonderful writings. 

‘Bollywood Affair’s’, by Ayaan Basu ‘Ayaan, I really loved reading your story, Bollywood Affairs. Though, A Novella and a Short Story are altogether quite different in genre, after reading your ‘The Storm In My Mind’, which I liked, particularly with reference to your interesting narration, yet, I was looking for something better, better in sense of ‘Literary Sense’ too; and, here, this story is a wonderful surprise to me – exactly what I was expecting from a good writer! What I have noticed from your recent stutus updates at your facebook wall, you are venturing into bollywood. After reading your story, I guess, you are too close to your desired goal. Let me quote from your story only – “It’s not about luck but it’s what you believe in.”Please keep on believing in good plots… success is eager to embrace you!

‘Wish You Were Here’, by Ila Garg ‘, What I feel after reading this story is – Ila is more of an artist rather than just a writer! The way she paints emotions in her word-pictures, choosing perfect colors from her word-pallet, is simply amazing! 
Though, ‘Love’ – true love is a all time theme not only for literature, but for any kind of creativity, what matters is, how this universal emotion is re-descovered! Yes, it has enormous – never ending possibilities to explore with. And, I feel, the writer has more or less, successfully ventured into it. 

‘Bon Voyage’, by Harshita SrivastavaIn one way or another, all we look for in a creative peace of writing is kind of ‘quake’… something to stimulate ourselves from within, finally to re-invent ourselves. In general, the very first shock produced by a quake is most intense… but, it is something rare – unique of a phenomena when aftershock is much more intense than that of the initial one… Yes, so is this story!
(One must read the story to know what i intend to say…  )
Harshita Srivastava, You simply have scored beyond expectation, at least for me, while reading this anthology. The way you have narrated deep human feelings, is simply amazing.
Your characterization of both the characters is not only unique, but something very much out of the box – far from the madding crowd of the mediocre characters portrayed in the name of creativity now days.
A must-must read for everyone who is genuinely interested in reading something worth!
I wish, I can read more from Harshita! My best wishes to the writer.

Radhika Harlalka

 ‘Bon Voyage’ by Harshita Srivastava-  Taking the fact in mind that this was the first story I read and that it was written by someone like Harshita whose novel I had loved, this story already had a high regard in my mind. As for the story, I loved the theme as it very precisely goes with the real life incidents. They say we never realize the value of moments till we own them, but only after are they gone do we realize what value do they hold. And this very fact has been stupendeously penned down by the author. Good work, girl.

Pulkit Gupta


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  1. That’s such a lovely post. I’d love to read your take on ‘From struggles to success: Moonlit Matinee’ 🙂

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