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It’s almost been 1.5 years that I have posted anything on my blog. The last time I posted here, I was an avid reader and now I am an author of 4 books including an anthology. This post is really special as I will post all the relevant details about my book, “Moonlit Matinee and love takes over” here.

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Shalini Katyal– Pulkit I read yur story “Ehsaas” in moonlit matinee, liked the story !! 🙂 n please pass my msg to Rachna that I liked her “lyrics of Lavish Rain” 🙂

Riyanka Paul–  Just read ’emptiness’ 4m moonlit matinee..nice..
The way you described some places about manali i really liked cause i had a visit there abt 7 yrs bck n as far i remember it’s indeed an awesome place.i would lyk to go thr again in future..n yah ur story is just too good specially the proves that kavi kavi dil ki bat v sun leni chahye kyuki dil kavi galat nh ho sakta..mast hai.
‘milna bicharna kisike hat me nh hota hai..par sache dil se mango to aisa k6 nh hai jo khusiyo ko 2mhare kadam chum ne se roke..’

Vijay Agarwal-

‘The Gifts’, by Ishita Bhown ‘, compiled in Moonlit Matinee – byPulkit Gupta, edited by Harshita Shrivastava. The beauty of this amazing story is there, when a reader himself/herself can’t become totally agree with the certain ideology – the author is trying to prophet, though, he/she gradually gets influenced – convinced, and finally falls in love with the story! Resisting myself to write much about the story, as I want readers to read and feel the story, the way I did.
Ishita, My best wishes to you, not only for your literary journey, but also for the noble tasks of humanity, you are spreading by means of your wonderful writings. 

‘Bollywood Affair’s’, by Ayaan Basu ‘Ayaan, I really loved reading your story, Bollywood Affairs. Though, A Novella and a Short Story are altogether quite different in genre, after reading your ‘The Storm In My Mind’, which I liked, particularly with reference to your interesting narration, yet, I was looking for something better, better in sense of ‘Literary Sense’ too; and, here, this story is a wonderful surprise to me – exactly what I was expecting from a good writer! What I have noticed from your recent stutus updates at your facebook wall, you are venturing into bollywood. After reading your story, I guess, you are too close to your desired goal. Let me quote from your story only – “It’s not about luck but it’s what you believe in.”Please keep on believing in good plots… success is eager to embrace you!

‘Wish You Were Here’, by Ila Garg ‘, What I feel after reading this story is – Ila is more of an artist rather than just a writer! The way she paints emotions in her word-pictures, choosing perfect colors from her word-pallet, is simply amazing! 
Though, ‘Love’ – true love is a all time theme not only for literature, but for any kind of creativity, what matters is, how this universal emotion is re-descovered! Yes, it has enormous – never ending possibilities to explore with. And, I feel, the writer has more or less, successfully ventured into it. 

‘Bon Voyage’, by Harshita SrivastavaIn one way or another, all we look for in a creative peace of writing is kind of ‘quake’… something to stimulate ourselves from within, finally to re-invent ourselves. In general, the very first shock produced by a quake is most intense… but, it is something rare – unique of a phenomena when aftershock is much more intense than that of the initial one… Yes, so is this story!
(One must read the story to know what i intend to say…  )
Harshita Srivastava, You simply have scored beyond expectation, at least for me, while reading this anthology. The way you have narrated deep human feelings, is simply amazing.
Your characterization of both the characters is not only unique, but something very much out of the box – far from the madding crowd of the mediocre characters portrayed in the name of creativity now days.
A must-must read for everyone who is genuinely interested in reading something worth!
I wish, I can read more from Harshita! My best wishes to the writer.

Radhika Harlalka

 ‘Bon Voyage’ by Harshita Srivastava-  Taking the fact in mind that this was the first story I read and that it was written by someone like Harshita whose novel I had loved, this story already had a high regard in my mind. As for the story, I loved the theme as it very precisely goes with the real life incidents. They say we never realize the value of moments till we own them, but only after are they gone do we realize what value do they hold. And this very fact has been stupendeously penned down by the author. Good work, girl.

Pulkit Gupta





8.45 pm, October 21-  It was a typical day for me as I was fighting with complex problems of Costing just like most of the CA Final aspirants whose attempt will fall in the coming November. Suddenly a call from my bro gave me the news which none of the moviegoer w’d like to hear. Our dear Yash Ji who gave a new meaning to Romance Genre and for me was the “Doctor of Relationships” had breathed his last around at around 5.30 pm in Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. With the death of Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Shammi Kapoor and now Yashji one can say that romance in Bollywood is officially dead.

According to me Yashji was an immense source of inspiration, and no one w’d ever fail in his life if he adopts even some of the qualities of this undisputed “King of Romance”.


Always follow your heart- I think very few of you might know the fact that Yashji was ought to pursuit a career in Engineering from London. He came to Mumbai to get his passport made so that he can go to England, but destiny had something else written for him. He listened to heart and shared his dream of directing the films with his brother legendary B.R.Chopra. He made his debut as an assistant director to his brother B.R. Chopra in his home production “Dhool ke Phool” and rest all is history. It needs a strong heart and nerves of steel to leave a lavish life, drop a safe option and accept an altogether different option with lots of uncertainty and high risk of failure. So, to be successful in life one needs to take the right decision at the right time and for that, one s’d always follow what his heart says.

Aim for higher goals- Yashji has tasted success with Waqt, but he wants to reach greater heights that too on his own. So, he took a bold step and founded his own production company “Yash Raj Films” in 1973. He took the loan from Rakhee and made Daag starring Rajesh Khanna, Rakhee and Sharmila Tagore which was a Blockbuster. This production house gave him the platform to experiment with his work and transform his ideas into reality.


Accept your failures graciously– There was a time in 80’s when Yashji’s films bombed at box-office one after another. Even the cult-classics like Silsila and Kala Patthar c’d not bring audiences in the theatre. He had two options – one to blame critics and fans for his failure and another to work hard with new enthusiasm and he chooses later. Even his regular distributors refused to buy Chandni, but he somehow managed to release it and it rocked the Box-office. If one wants to achieve high in his life then he s’d learn to accept his failures and make them an inspiration to do better next time. Accept the fact that you have lacked somewhere, rectify your mistakes and give your best shot with full energy.

Never let the flavor of Success rules you- The best thing about Yashji was that he was never carried away by the glamour of his success. He was a very down to earth person. I have seen a lot of people who after getting a bit of success starts behaving as if they belong to an altogether different planet. But soon these people are brought to earth after facing a failure in future. Friend nothing in this world is eternal. So, one s’d keep his feet on the ground and respect others. If you don’t believe me then follow the example of Late Rajesh Khanna and Mr. Amitabh Bacchan.

Just remember the following lines:-

मुझसेपहलेकितनेशायर आएऔरआकरचलेगए
कुछआहेंभरकरलौटगए कुछनगमेगाकरचलेगए
वहभीएकपलकाकिस्साथे मैंभीएकपलकाकिस्साहूँ
कलऔरआयेंगेनगमोंकी खिलतीकलियाँचुननेवाले

मुझसेबेहतरकहनेवाले तुमसेबेहतरसुननेवाले

कलकोईमुझकोयादकरे क्यूंकोईमुझकोयादकरे
मशरूफज़मानामेरेलिए क्यूंवक्तअपनाबरबादकरे
मैंपलदोपलका ..

Winners don’t do different things, but they do things differently- Have you ever noticed that the person who gave us the most romantic Jodi of SRK-Kajol never repeated this super hit Jodi in any of his movies. Similarly, if you want to survive in this competitive world then you have to consider doing different things because of the dynamic nature of external environment.


There is no age of retirement- This man has ruled the Bollywood for 50 glorious years and even at the time of his death he was working on his next venture. He proved that age is of no importance unless you are cheese. The motto of his life was to keep working “JAB TAK HAI JAAN”

 “The man who made me fall in love, who made me love love stories, who gave me the actors I adore most i.e.. Mr. Bacchan and Mr. Shahrukh khan, who made me love romantic novels, gave songs that will make any girl fall for you, who gave me all the romantic lines that I w’d deliver to my beloved, who taught me how to seize the moment, who showed to us that we can say a lot without even uttering a word from our mouth is no more….
RIP Yashji, the king of romance….whole world will miss u…the ones who were in love, are in love and will fall in love”- Pulkit

The author writer can be reached at:-


 Abhilash Veeru Ruhela or Abhi for me is a name which needs no introduction. He is one of my first friend from the literary world (thanks to Facebook!!) And truly a gem of a person. He follows an extremely tough schedule where he attends college and after getting screwed for 8 hours, reads the whole newspaper and several articles on Internet, 2 pages of Bhagawad Geeta, at least 30 pages of a novel, completes his assignments/journal, notes down 2 new words every day in his list of vocabulary and goes through the ones recorded earlier, posts a Blog Post, updates his personal diary and then also he is just a message away.  People know him as a Star Blogger (he has recently written his 700th post on his blog- Abhilash Ruhela’s Blog), Unbiased Book Reviewer, Contributor at Isahitya, Professional Book Editor, Film Critic and above all a die-hard fan of Mr. Amitabh Bacchan (coincidentally he is celebrating his 70th birthday today). He created his Blog in 2009, and since then never looked back. He has touched almost all topics in this beautiful passage of 3 years. The best thing about his writing is that he never judges a person or a situation in his post but present the facts as it is. I am immensely grateful to him for writing a Guest Post for a new Blogger like me, and now let’s hear his thoughts on Friendship.


I have never ever written a Guest Post for any blogger/Website owner. I have been asked many a times in last 1168 days of my Blogging career but I have been able in giving some or the another excuse. But I agreed once Mr. Pulkit asked me. He has been one of very few who keeps on doing the work without disturbing others. I have never found him talking about his blog/website through Facebook statuses. This is the major reason why I am associated with this person. This is my first Guest Post through which I’m trying to tell all my youth friends about why Friendship is a blockage in progress. Though you’ll abuse me now but I hope it’ll help you understand the hidden secrets after finishing the post. 🙂


   Living life has always been tough for some, interesting for some and passion for some great ones. Life is actually as much challenging as we make it. If we’ll go on running away from the obstacles that come in our way, we are tending to be facing more challenges and problems in the future. While if we will keep on repairing and removing those obstacles with all our hard efforts, we are assured of creating a great, serene and peaceful future for us. The first thing that’s prominent in making our life successful is managing the Time that we are wasting. Take few pages of your notebook and start noting down your schedule of coming 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, analyze how much hours did you spent in what activities. As this post is targeted for youths, I can assure that almost 50% of your time (the time when you are awake, not asleep :-)) gets wasted with your Friends. Do concentrate, I have used the word “wasted” instead of “spent” .  Do you have problem with my blunt criticism on Friendship that you share with your friends? If yes, then now start analyzing the productive work that you did in those times that you wasted with them. You’ll find yourself sitting with them in a mall, in a garden, hanging out at near-by areas, walking together till auto-stand or bus-stand or railway station to drop one of your friends etc. But you won’t find a single minute after the college time that you spent with them for studying, learning or producing something that’ll help you in the growth of your life. Am I Right? Your silence is my answer. 🙂

          Now, as you have analyzed, observed and realized how you have been wasting your time, to be more precise, life, the first thing that you need to figure out now is the meaning of the term “Friendship”. Today, gossiping, chit-chatting and clicking photos with friends seems to be bliss but a time would come when you’ll think about what productivity did those activities with friends generated in your life. We keep on hearing examples of several legends. The most that most of us do is- Share the pictures, statuses and posts sharing those examples so that our friends get to read them and we move forward with the life that we kept on living. Why don’t we follow the footsteps that these great people followed? Is it hard to be a Legend? Yes, if you are wasting your time in stupid relationships. No, if you are mature enough to understand the power of opportunity each minute of your life carries.

          I read it somewhere that Lalit Modi had several meetings in a day because of which he had to travel for 26 hours all around the globe. He hired a private plane. The attendant who served him for 26 hours said that she kept on insisting him to rest for a while but he was too adamant to get convinced about it. She said that he kept on calculating something and going through various files without sleeping for a second in those 26 hours of traveling. Imagine the effect these 26 Hours would have brought to his life. Though he is not in power today but he has gained enough to be forgotten in future.

          I am a great fan of Amitabh Bachchan. I follow his blogs more than mine. He regularly publishes his blog between 2 AM to 4 AM. And every day he wakes up at 6 or 7 AM to struggle throughout the day. I need not specify different tasks that he goes through because everyone is aware of the kind of hard work Amitabh Bachchan does. Why do we notice his sleeping hours of just 3-4 hours and don’t implement in our life? He is 70 years old, achieved what no Indian has but still works with passion like a struggler. He understands the value of time. When Rajesh Khanna expired few weeks ago, Amitabh Bachchan claimed that he met him 3-4 years back for the last time. Why? Because he values time. He can’t waste his time in stupid relationships like Friendship.

         Friendship should be of the kind that you call the person once in a year and he/she still accepts every sentence of yours without taunting about you being busy in your work so much that you didn’t call them up. But do we find such Friends in today’s world who would give us the same importance that they would have given us if we would have been in contact almost daily? The answer is blunt NO. So if Friendship can’t be as flexible as we want it to be, it’s better to keep such over-rated relationship aside and carry on the work that will incorporate our life to be of the level that we can’t even imagine. We keep on reading in books, newspapers, magazines and other sources that Time Management is one of the biggest keys to success. But we keep on managing the time that we are left with after all the social interactions. With this post, I have tried to tell you how time can be managed. How 24 hours can be converted and transmogrified into 36 hours. 😉 Keep the so-call Friends and Friendship aside and welcome a new inspiring, motivating and successful life. 🙂


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This Bin is full of laughter

Well friends this is my first review of any kind on my Blog. I am a big time Bollywood fan and an avid reader so all of you w’d expect a movie review or a book review to follow….But surprise-2 here is a Facebook page review for you…
Arrey bhai koi aisa waisa page nahin hai….this page is dedicated to a Bin which is full of Garbage (of laughter) so we call it “Garbage Bin”. This is a first Bin of it’s kind where 1.5 lac+ people comes every day just to peek into the bin to check out what is happening in the stock…..A creation of Mr. Faisal Mohd., Garbage Bin is a momentous time hit among Facebook users, which can easily be seen by the highly successful Poster Sale at Delhi Book Fair, followed by a workshop in IIT Delhi by our Guddu (Faisal Bhai) and is all set to write a book….
Reviewing Garbage Bin is like reviewing a Blockbuster Movie or already a Bestselling Novel. So I’ll just limit my post to the basic intro of the page.

GUDDU is the main character of his gags, a character which all of us can relate to.  He is cute at one time and devil at another. He loves playing video games, has a full toosh “Taapori Gang”, applies brain to find new ways of increasing “Daily Allowance” and knows when and how to switch to “Defence Mode” . He finds happiness in small things like “Jalebi”, “Baarish ka Paani”, “watching WWF” and Maa ke haath ki “Chhoti waali Roti”.  He has a best friend in Shaan and both of them share a Jai-Veeru type of bond. They love playing pranks and are also involved in passing comments on smart girls.

 Ab bina heroine ke story adhoori hai and so we have our basanti “LAILA”. Full marks s’d be given to Faisal Bhai for this introductory gag of Laila ji 

Ab ye matt poochna, “kaunsi Laila be” kyunki iska answer har vo banda jaanta hai jisne kabhi bhi apni life mein “Bakaiti” kari hai…

The main reason for the popularity of his Page is the incidents used by Faisal Bhai in his gags, which all of us have experienced during our childhood days, but have forgotten due to our hectic life and the competition to win the race.

If you will see his Gags then you will smile for a second and will say, ‘Yaar main toh sochta tha ki sirf maine hi aisa kara hai par ye toh sabki kahani hai’ . Craze for Jungle Book,Bimaari ke Maaze,Patang Lootna, Namkeen Biscuit lene jaana, Mummy ka Bada Baksa,15th August ki Patang, Main Dulhe ka langotia yaar hun,  Kitni baar kaha hai aise kaam mat karvaya karo (when ur mom ask you to bring the latest edition of Meri Saheli),Pankha kaun Chalayega, Maa ka hamare liye padosi se Jhagadna,Blackmailing,yaar meri chance mat le (referring to Contra),Helium ke Gubbare, New Books New Chits,Independence Day ke din school ke Ladoo, common hatred for tindey ki sabzi (we have a main villian Tindey Baba here), 10 rupees ki jalebi, Chuski and bhudia ke baal, rainy day mein kagaz ki nao are the few incidents to be named….

Then we also have  some interesting supporting characters like Luncher Paaji (jinki aankh kabhi nahi khulti), Sid Bhai (An Iitian) and Ustaad Niralay ji (main shayar badnaam) with some cheesy lines like “O benchoo”, “ta**ey short ho jayenge”, “te suwar ki” and “lehen ke bodhey“…

The main plus this page has over its competitors is the ability to connect with readers and it’s commitment to bring new flavor everyday….
If you want to relive your childhood days and fresh your mind after a tiring day then open this Chamber of Laughter….
Strongly Recommended!!

Is Youth all about Bike, Beer and Drugs !!

Image  “..I won’t give you a sip even if you give me a thousand bucks!” – JESSICA LAL to MANU SHARMA, before she was shot at

This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.” – Robert Kennedy

Why do teens choose to take drugs/ Drinks?

Youth take drugs for the following reasons: social disorganization, peer pressure, family factors, emotional, or rational choice. Besides being a C.A. student , I am also an Engineering drop-out (by choice) and I have seen the youth there crazy for Bikes, Drinks and SMOKING. Some may argue that teen drug abuse is highly correlated with the behavior of close friends especially when family supervision is weak. This relationship, in fact, is reciprocal: substance abusers seek out friends who engage in similar activities.This thing exists not only there but in every college like of M.B.A.,MBBS or even C.A. Hostels….. The main reason for that is “Macho or Tashan”. They think that if they are smoking or performing stunts then this will seperate them from boys.

The evidence of drinking within youth culture suggests that the experience of liquid is often pleasurable rather than negative and damaging. So probably the main reason why young drinks is that they enjoy them.

Ladkiyon pe tashan marna hai  varna vo bhao nahi dengi…..BULLSH*T !!

Sorry for the language, but they have deviated from the primary purpose and qualities of youth. Youth is the future face of World. According to me Youth means never dying soul , youth means new ideas (e.g. Amit Trivedi or Chetan Bhagat or Anurag Basu ) , youth means person who works without being tired.

“…Youth voice is crucial to the overall effectiveness of our country. Youth voice has a tremendous impact on our system.The young, free to act on their initiative, can lead their elders in the direction of the unknown… The children, the young, must ask the questions that we would never think to ask….”
But this is what our younger generation is doing

DRINKING   29TH APRIL 1999 – A girl, a daughter and a sister named Jessica was shot dead just becoz she refused to give drink to a person who was already tight. Just tell me one thing that “Is the life of a person is small even in comparison to a drink”?? . This episode destroyed her family as her mother expired due to the lower court verdict against them and her sister Sabrina spent her 8 years to fight for justice for her sister…. I beg each and every person here not to drink Alcohol. I know nobody is perfect, and I  also had tried it during my college days but then I quit it after seing it’s tragic results.  “We first start it in fashion and finally it becomes our passion.”  Unfortunately, the person doing the drinking is not the only one who feels the impact of this abuse. It has a profound and immediate impact on their families as well as their friends and acquaintances. Difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, impaired memory: Clearly, alcohol affects the brain.  “Nobody is a saint, and I know that but drinking  brings devil out of them.” You  don’t know what you are doing after drinking as ur mind is not in ur control. Yaar Nightclubs mein dance karte hue pack lagana doesn’t suggest that you belong to High-class. Aadmi ko uncha banna hai to apne thoughts se bano na ki in cheezo se…


Bike & Cars i.e. Need For Speed  —  Roadies, Stunt Mania, Fast and Furious, Tron, Torque and Dhoom has increased the fascination of high cc (i.e. High speed)  bikes and cars among youths. There is nothing wrong in it till it is done within a limit. But today’s youth not only over speeds but also try stunts which can be dangerous to them and to others too. Just remember the BMW Hit and Run case in which 6 people were died. Par humein kya …Pitaji pe bahut paisa hai isliye ek gaadi li , uspe ek high watt music system, saath mein gf aur uske upar beer aur pee li — A toxic combination. Yaar khud marna hai maro par dusre ko kyon marte ho!!

Last year a couple lost their single child as a result of car race between 2 cars.  A teenager lost his life as he was trying some stunts from a Hollywood flick… Pls yaar for a moment think about your family and the victim’s family too. Be a responsible citizen and a responsible son.

Drugs and Smoking-  College students + Farm House + Rave Parties + Smoking + Drugs = Today’s Youth

 2nd Aug 2010 – It was meant to be the ‘Friendship Day’ and 350 students from Pune’s various colleges had gathered at a farmhouse to commemorate the day on Sunday. The celebration was over beer and wine, which flowed with passing hours. Although it was not a rave party, as no drugs were consumed but then also what message they are giving to our community and youngsters. Many rave parties have also been raided in the past by police where young people were caught consuming drugs but again same question “Why”? In the beginning, you start these things for fun, but in long-term they can prove to be fatal. Some young people will use drugs specifically to ease the trauma and pain of unsatisfactory relationships and the physical and emotional abuse arising from unhappy home lives. Such young people will often come to the attention of the school. If these problems can be addressed, then if drugs are involved they can become less of a problem.I dedicate this post to Jessica and her sister Sabrina…

It is all about earning respect!!

It is all about earning respect!!

 2Silver and 4 Bronze i.e. London Olympics has given us 6 new names to cheer for next 4 years. But what about the other 77 athletes who competed in 13 sports!!

You know Olympics are very much related to our CA exams. We prepare for it well in advance, work on our strategy, give our best shot, and give a lot of sacrifices; people have expectations from us and last but not the least the pressure to deliver on the J-day..

In the end people are concerned with only one thing- “Kya Raha”?? Even our result gives a picture of either Pass or Fail i.e. Kaunsa Medal Laya!!

 But there is something which is more valuable than winning. You must be thinking that I am saying this to defend my loss, but this is not the case. If anyone who has followed this Olympic right from the beginning then he must be familiar with the names of Joydeep Karmakar (4th in 50m Rifle Prone), P Kashyap (lost in Q/F of Men’s Badminton to former world no.1), Irfan Thodi (10th Rank in 20 Km Walk with new National Record), Tintu Luka (6th rank in 800m semi-final with her personal best), Vikas Gowda and Krishna Poonia (making to final of Discus Throw), Devendo Singh (Lost in Boxing Light Flyweight Q/F) and Soniya Chanu (7th in weight lifting). These are the names which could not make it to the podium and win medals for the country, but they have won something bigger than that i.e. earning our respect and above all their own respect.

There is nothing better than putting your soul, giving your best effort and come out with flying colors. One works hard, live a disciplined life and therefore he deserved to enjoy the fruits of his labour. This is to point out that just because we do not achieve what we intend to at the day’s start, does not mean that all is lost. This is where perspective becomes extremely valuable.

I will give you 4 examples of it- one from the movie and 3 from the life of CA belonging to CCI only. Guys one of my fav. Movie is SRK’s best work till date i.e. Chak De India. If you could remember the match between Indian Men’s and Indian Women hockey team where nobody had faith in Women’s Team. Despite trailing by 0-3 in the first half they made a strong comeback in the 2nd half but still lost the match by 2-3. But that loss was sweeter than a win. They managed to earn the respect of Men’s team and above all respect of all the members of Federation who never believed in their capabilities. That match acted as a trigger for them and finally they won the World Cup and brought the glory home.

You must be thinking that it only happens in reel life and not real life. But I will give you example of 3 Ccites who could not clear the CA Final in 1stattempt. But they came back stronger as even when they failed they gave their best effort and what they did not lose was their self-respect. Now one of them is working as india head for finance for one of the MNC stand in Fobes 20 list company, other scored rank in CWA and working in Coal India at a devilishly handsome salary and the third guy has also completed MBA from a reputed college along with CA. Similarly, our Rajesh Makkar Sir the living Encyclopedia is not a first attempt CA.


The crux of the story is it does not matter whether you have passed or not but what matters is your attitude. Do not let the outcomes which are not in your control to ruin your future. Just try to give your best shot and give exams to learn new things and winning respect. Hold your head high in your defeat and try to learn from your mistakes. There is no point in giving up. I firmly believe a score of 380 in both groups or 185+ in one group or even an exemption can boost your morale to a high level. Do not consider it as your defeat. Such score means that your are inch closer to the success, and this is the time to pull up your socks and treat this November as if Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara. At the end all I want to tell you is “Chak De”…..


I am crazy about cricket just like any other cricket follower. In India Cricket is more than a sport and Sachin, another name of God.

Is Cricket just a mode of entertainment ???

My Answer is No. It is more than just a game, and one can learn a lot from its Historical Events.

So you don’t agree with me !! . Hmmmm…..Again I have to apply my writing skills to convince you . But before I start my article I want to make 2 things clear :-

(1) This is totally my Idea (Jo mere Shaitani Dimaag ki Upaj Hai) and

(2) I equally respect each and every game and one can learnt from any sports…. Ok then Get Set and GO



Anil Kumble with a broken jaw and gets Brian Lara lbw -India vs WI 4th test Antigua 2002

This shows your Commitment towards your Profession. Choose the Career of your choice and then give your 100% to it and you will get unbelievable results.

The sight of Anil Kumble emerging from the pavilion, ready to bowl, his face bandaged, in the Antigua Test of 2002, is one of cricket’s most inspiring.

He bowled 14 consecutive overs and finally  dismissed  Brian Lara while bowling with a broken jaw. He was due to fly back to Bangalore the following day for surgery, and as he said, “At least I can now go home with the thought that I tried my best.

“It was one of the bravest things I’ve seen on the field of play,” said Sir Vivian  Richards later.

Batting at No. 7 (Ajay Ratra at No. 8 made a century; Kumble was hit by Mervyn  Dillon. He spat out blood but batted on for another 20 minutes.


SACHIN SCORING A CENTURY AFTER HIS FATHER’S DEATH, 29th May 1999 India vs Kenya, Bristol: 

Sachin Tendulkar’s 140 not out in the match against Kenya said a lot about the temperament that the little champion possesses. India was under pressure to win the match to stay in contention as they had lost their previous two games to South Africa and Zimbabwe. Sachin had not taken part in the match against Zimbabwe as he had to return to India because of the rather unfortunate death of his father. However, he made it a point to return to England for the World Cup. His hundred against Kenya is still talked about as one of the great knocks of all time simply because of all the pressures (most of them non-cricketing) he was facing.

This shows that the biggest Motivator in this world is you. If you want to do something then do it for yourself.  


GREAME SMITH BATTING WITH BROKEN HAND – AUS V/s SA, 3rd test 5th Day,  Sydney, 7th Jan.2009 

S.A. was struggling to save test match against Aussies, and with 9 wickets down and there was no way that the South African captain Graeme Smith could come to bat in the last wicket, “Smith walked out at No. 11, looking to survive 8.2 overs with a broken hand, his own blood recently injected into his right elbow, and a desperate Australian attack”

It was a special moment in World Cricket to watch Smith come out from that dressing room to bat in No. 11 with his broken hand and all the Australian crowd giving Graeme a standing ovation was really inspiring.

There is a saying that a Leader s’d lead from the front by setting an example for others and that’s what we learn from this instance.



Chasing as mammoth a target of 325, India was struggling at 5-146 with all big guns back to the pavilion.  Two Youngsters Kaif and Yuvraj were on the crease, but no one was expecting miracles from them.

However, Yuvraj and Kaif had different designs altogether. They played brilliantly, forged a fantastic partnership at the crucial stage and saw India romp home. Y.Singh scored 69 and M.Kaif 87 notout to bring one of the finest wins in the history of one-day cricket.

This shows that when no one believes you than it’s good that you have no pressure to preform and then you will give your best shot. 



CHASING A TARGET OF 216, INDIA WAS STRUGGLING AT 124-8. FROM THERE VVS LAXMAN striving with his back injury, batted with a runner and proved his talents once again by scoring the winning run for India.

This shows that anything is possible, but you have to believe yourself and have confidence in your ability.

So har khel kuch sikhaata hai…Khelo India Khelo !!